CASE STUDY: Henry Langston

Read Henry’s journey from Future Leader to Board member in just 5 years.

Henry Langston

Name: Henry Langston

Joined: 2012

Education: Aerospace and Art History, University of Sydney, Australia

Placement 1

Production - Keeler Ltd, Windsor, UK

I completed an engineering project to redesign one of Keeler's headline products.

Placement 2

Product Development - Crowcon, Oxford, UK

I worked with cutting-edge research to develop innovative gas detection technologies for the future.

Placement 3

Commercial - Ocean Insight, Oxford, UK

As part of the sales and marketing department I analysed the market landscape, developing tools to help sales, and identifying important trends that helped develop the right products for the future.

Placement 4

Strategy Consulting - Fiberguide, New Jersey, USA

A short term project working on strategy for the company’s board of directors.

Permanent Role

Product Manager - Ocean Insight, Oxford, UK

It was my job and responsibility to look after the company's range of spectrometer and photoanalysis products throughout their lifecycle.

Promoted to Vice President Strategic Marketing & Sales – Ocean Insight, Global (2017)

Promoted to Chief Commercial Officer – Ocean Insight, Global (2019)

Serving on the board, I am responsible for a team of more than 30 people and tasked with transforming the sales and marketing experience, customer interface and sales journeys across all channels.


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