Our people: Susan Su

Susan Su is Director of Engineering at BEA Americas. Susan relocated in 2019 from BEA in Beijing, China to Pittsburgh in the USA.

Susan Su 

Tell us about your career to date

My career to date has allowed me to work on both software and hardware, combining the two, which I enjoy. I was the first engineer for both BEA in China and my previous American company. I joined BEA in 2006 and built our local research and development team from scratch to eleven people to make many new products, which I am incredibly proud of.

I had the opportunity to work with the management team to set the strategy and direction, establishing the systems and processes for BEA in China. As a local business unit, we were close to our end users and were able to develop new products for the Asian market. We have several patent applications in our name! 

I am now embarking on a new adventure with BEA Americas, having moved to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania in November 2019. 

Engineering gives you an opportunity to build something from scratch that solves a problem and ultimately, helps people. You can really make a difference.

What do you enjoy about working for a global group like Halma?

I have really learnt a lot over the past twelve years at BEA and Halma. For me, I find our purpose incredibly inspiring, we are making a real difference in the world. I also enjoy the cooperation between peers and companies across the globe. 

As technical people, we can come together at Halma and learn a lot from each other, sharing ideas and advice. This cooperation makes a big difference in our work. Our end users are from all backgrounds, and it is important for our teams to be as diverse as those users.