Our people: Sharon Bracken

Sharon Bracken is President of Perma Pure, which operates in Halma’s Medical Sector and is headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey in the US, where Sharon is based.

Sharon Bracken

What do you like about working at a Halma company?

At Halma, I can be more of who I am. The company culture, the organisational model, the reward systems and the way leaders model the right behaviours of accepting diversity, all assert my belief that I’m not being judged on personal attributes but on business performance.

One of the benefits of working for a small company like Perma Pure is that I can focus on individuals; as a leader, I can get to know them and their career aspirations and give them the opportunities to achieve what they want. And I do this with the support of the Halma Group.

Living Halma’s purpose and DNA

When I think about Halma’s DNA, my favourite cultural gene is “Just be a good person” and I believe in helping others succeed regardless of their backgrounds. We have an obligation to ensure that our employee base reflects the diversity we aspire to have. If I can look at each person without judgement, and I can empathise and respect that everyone has a different background that has brought them to where they are, then I believe I’m acting in an open and inclusive way.

I think that the nature of the life-saving products we make gives people the opportunity to make a difference and have a sense of purpose, and there’s beauty in helping people feel inspired in what they’re doing.