Careers across Halma

Working in one of our companies means that you will be helping us to solve the problems that matter.

Millions of people around the world are touched by our technologies every day. We want to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone; and we look for people who share the same values as us.

How we help you grow

Our development programmes are designed to promote personal growth, enhance leadership and relationship skills. They also offer the chance for employees from diverse Halma companies to come together and learn from each other. These courses are offered in the UK, USA and China.

Meet some of our people

Sharon Bracken

President, Perma Pure

"At Halma, I can be more of who I am. The company culture, the organisational model, the reward systems and the way leaders model the right behaviours, all assert my belief that I'm not being judged on personal attributes but on business performance."

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Janie Goddard

Divisional Chief Executive, Halma

"As you're thinking about innovation, you need to understand your customer's unmet needs; people that bring diversity of thought and experience help expand the realm of thinking around what's possible."

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Susan Su

Director of Engineering, BEA Americas

"I have really learnt a lot over the past twelve years at BEA and Halma. For me, I find our purpose incredibly inspiring, we are making a real difference in the world. I also enjoy the cooperation between peers and companies across the globe."

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Careers across Halma

With around 45 businesses within the Halma group that operate globally, there are always plenty of options for developing your career whilst staying within Halma.

All our open roles can be found on our LinkedIn page

Open roles

Management Development Programmes

Personal development, enhancing self-awareness and teamwork skills for managerial roles.

Parental leave

We want to support all our employees to keep pace with a changing workplace and ensure our businesses can be more inclusive of young families. 

At Halma we offer an enhanced parental leave policy of 14 weeks for new parents globally. The policy is open to all employees in every country and provides support for both mothers and fathers to care for and bond with their new child.

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Here are some of our people speaking about about what it means for their families.

Lucy Love is a Senior Product Manager at Apollo Fire Detectors. Lucy is pregnant with her second child, due in November 2020.

Josh Smith is a Senior Validation Engineer at Advanced. Josh and his partner Anna are expecting their first child at the end of 2020.

Connect with thousands of ideas

With our partner Hive Learning, experts in collaborative learning technologies, we have built a platform that connects over 80% of our online employees across 20 countries. HalmaHub democratises information, allowing our employees to share knowledge, skills and ideas every day in an agile and secure way.

Employees around the world have been using the platform to tap into the expertise of our network. This has led to the creation of entirely new business models, product collaborations and accelerated the pace of change across the group. From seeking support for entering new markets, sharing data, learnings, insights and opportunities the HalmaHub is a vital business resource.

On HalmaHub’s first anniversary in November 2018, it became an award-winning platform at the 2018 Learning Technologies Awards achieving ‘Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies’. Then again in February 2019, the platform was recognised with a Silver award for ‘External Learning Solution of the Year’ at the 2019 Learning Awards.


employees are active users of the HalmaHub