Our People

Our people

Our people share a common purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day. We want everyone to breathe clean air, have access to clean drinking water and healthcare; and we want people to be safe on our roads, transport hubs and at work. We also want to build an inclusive culture throughout our group of businesses to ensure that every single one of our people can feel like they belong. 

We combine the strength of a global business with the intimacy and speed of a start-up, and we welcome a rich tapestry of different perspectives and experiences which adds to the strength of our organisation. This means people love working with us because they can make a disproportionate impact on the world and reach their full potential.

What does a career at Halma look like?

There is no one answer to this question. Every career path at Halma is different.

We have over 40 companies and they can be found in over 20 countries operating in highly specialist niches in different markets and in different sectors. We have hubs in the UK, USA, China and India, which give our companies the opportunity to expand and internationalise. Employees who are keen to learn and develop have the opportunity to move companies and grow within Halma.

What is it like to work at Halma

The way we work is changing, and our people’s expectations about balancing the needs of their home life and their working life are changing. At Halma we are committed to making our work environments more flexible and inclusive for everyone. We have developed a Future of Work philosophy that is guided by our purpose and our DNA:

•  Agility is everything We believe that giving our people more flexibility in when, where and how they work improves business performance and allows us to attract and retain more diverse talent. 

•  We are structured for growth We also believe in the importance of in-person working to generate new ideas, drive innovation, and create the social capital that reinforces our culture. 

•  Say yes, and… We recognise that a balance of in-person and remote working can capture the benefits of both models and lead to improved wellbeing for our employees. 

•  We bet on talent We expect our leaders to balance the individual, team and company interests, as well as the needs of each job, to develop the optimal working patterns for their teams. 

•  Embrace the adventure We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and that each approach will depend on individual circumstances and will need to evolve and adapt as these circumstances change. 

•  Purpose drives us We encourage all our leaders to think carefully about their team’s business travel, and to balance the need for in-person meetings with our commitment to minimise our environmental impact as a Group.

We embrace curiosity

We are a natural home for people who want to work for a high-performing business and find solutions to some of the biggest problems facing the world today, from air quality to long term health conditions. We are always on the lookout for curious, ambitious people who can think differently and work collaboratively to help us achieve our purpose. Find out more about what we look for in our people.

We thrive on diversity and an inclusive culture

At Halma we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture throughout our group of 40+ businesses. We believe this will ensure our employees can be themselves at work and that their innate differences are leveraged to help us win.

We embrace these differences knowing that innovation and problem solving are greatest when people come from diverse backgrounds with different experiences and mindsets.

By creating an inclusive environment where everyone can freely contribute their own unique viewpoints and capabilities, we all grow stronger together.

Our commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion is articulated in our Diversity and Inclusion policy.

We're proud to celebrate the diversity of our people each and every day.

Gender equality

We stand in solidarity with the global community in supporting the movement for gender equality. Hear what our leaders have to say on driving gender equality.

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We take pride in the diversity of our people

We cultivate a welcoming culture where everyone can feel valued and proud of who they are. Watch our Halma with Pride video to see what some of our colleagues and supportive allies had to share.

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Be part of an organisation that makes a difference

Halma’s Gift of Sight campaign offers employee eye health screenings to raise awareness of preventable blindness and the importance of screening.

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Senior leaders

Run your own business whilst taking part in something bigger.

Careers across Halma

Choose your own adventure with one of our companies.

Future leaders

Are you looking for: ambition, impact, entrepreneurialism, technology innovation, cross-functional industry and international experience?

Apply to our tailor-made programme which takes a handful of exceptional graduates each year and puts them on course to become one of Halma’s Future Leaders.

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