Protecting wind turbines -supporting the renewable energy sector

Global electricity demand is expected to surpass pre-COVID levels by the end of 2021. 

This means the demand for renewable energy is surging as governments seek new ways to tackle climate change and consumers demand more environmentally sustainable solutions. Compared to fossil fuel energy sources, wind power significantly reduces carbon emissions. However, wind turbines - which deliver wind power - can be prone to fires.

Location matters

Wind turbines are often situated in remote locations, both offshore and onshore, and their generators are more than 300 feet in the air. As a result, a significant number of fires go unnoticed until it is too late, and this adds increased complexity for firefighters tackling these fires. Not only are these fires costing operators in damage and downtime, but undetected fires can have devastating consequences for the surrounding area. In July 2019, melted debris falling from a turbine fire caused the Juniper Fire wildfire in the US. It took almost 200 fire crew members to contain the 250-acre fire over three days. 

Real-time solutions

Firetrace, a Halma company, manufactures automatic fire detection and suppression systems, stopping small fires where they start. This fast-acting technology limits the damage caused by a fire and reduces the subsequent downtime. By adding this technology to wind turbines, operators can build an extra layer of protection to help extinguish fires at the source before they can cause serious harm. This keeps the turbines turning and generating cleaner energy for everyone, every day.