A safer future for global logistics

The shift to digital business models has resulted in a rapid expansion of e-commerce and global logistics.

The shift to digital business models has resulted in a rapid expansion of e-commerce and global logistics. Now, due to the impacts of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour, this shift has accelerated at breakneck speed. Research is forecasting the global logistics market to be worth around US$12 trillion in 2023, almost triple its 2018 value. This rate of growth has put additional pressure on the transportation and warehousing industry to move goods quickly, safely, and efficiently. 

In terms of logistics, North America is the world’s second largest market. The USA alone moves approximately 64% of its freight by truck and has over 500,000 loading bays. The most recent statistics reported 819 deaths and 270,000 injuries occurring in the USA in one year. Of these, more than 25% of accidents happened at loading docks, with accidental drive-aways accounting for around a quarter of these accidents. Each accident is estimated to cost US$189,000 and for every accident there are 600 near misses.

Many of these accidents are caused by human error, mainly through misunderstanding or miscommunication. Technological advancements have enabled Halma company SPS to focus on designing an innovative solution that removes the need to verbally communicate loading updates, preventing accidental drive-aways by locking the delivery vehicle to the loading bay door for safe loading or unloading.

Initially developed in response to a customer request, the Salvo Loading Dock Safety System is now installed at tens of thousands of loading bays globally. Once implemented, customers report no accidental drive-offs, keeping workers and drivers safe and ensuring compliance with all Health & Safety regulations.

Working closely with their customers allowed SPS to gain deeper insights into other issues that warehouse facilities are facing. With increased efficiency at the top of the list, Salvo InSite digitises the Salvo Loading Dock Safety System. This technology provides real-time data on key activities, performance analytics and traceability reports that help reduce operational inefficiencies while keeping everyone safe.

Their passion for helping their customers has given SPS its market-leading expertise in protecting workers in high-risk environments and is helping to create a safer future for everyone, every day.