Our fight against COVID-19

Our companies make technologies to solve some of the biggest problems facing the world today. We are already protecting lives and critical infrastructure, and now we are playing a key role in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Delivering critical solutions

Demand for life-saving technologies from ventilators and respiratory devices to hazardous gas monitoring and touchless sensors for doors has increased dramatically. 

Halma companies have adapted quickly to meet the need, working to prioritise critical products and make changes to workplaces and manufacturing lines so that employees can continue to work safely.

For example, Alicat, Perma Pure and Maxtec are producing components for life-saving ventilators and respiratory devices. While fluidics experts Diba and Bio-Chem are supplying critical components which are used in medical diagnostic testing. 

BEA, a leading manufacturer of sensor technology for automatic door systems, is making touchless sensors specifically designed for healthcare facilities, allowing hospital doors to be opened and closed without human contact.

Vital signs monitoring specialists SunTech, Riester and Cardios continue to manufacture devices relied upon by physicians to test the blood pressure and cardiac health of patients, and CenTrak’s location technology is being used in hospitals and care homes to track the movement of people and equipment, and monitor critical staff compliance to protocols such as hand hygiene. 

Our water companies including HWM, Mini-Cam, Palintest, Sensorex and UV group are helping water utilities supply safe, clean water to homes and critical infrastructure. 

Our gas safety companies Crowcon and Sensit are providing essential services to ensure homes and facilities remain safe. Crowcon is providing gas detectors to hospitals to help monitor safe levels of oxygen. The density of ventilators in hospital wards means there is a potential risk of combustion if the air becomes over-oxygenated. Crowcon’s technology helps to monitor this and keep patients and healthcare workers safe. 

Halma’s fire safety companies continue to safeguard people and property around the world.


Adapting to serve

Our companies have also gone above and beyond to make contactless deliveries of critical devices like ventilators, and come together to use their expertise and ingenuity to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline healthcare workers. For example, companies with 3D printers are using them to make face shields and other PPE for local hospitals and health centres. 

NHS Workers wearing Halma manufactured PPE copyright: Portsmouth News

Six Halma companies, Apollo, Avire, Crowcon, FFE, Palintest and Texecom, have been part of a special project to produce face shields for staff at NHS Nightingale Hospital London, which opened in April to care exclusively for COVID-19 patients. 


Our people

Halma employees share a common purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day. In these extraordinary times, they are bringing our purpose to life more than ever. 

Our internal communications platform is alive with stories of colleagues and teams rising to the challenge to help others. For example, Texecom’s engineering placement student Ben Steere has been 3D printing face shields for the NHS Nightingale Hospital London project nonstop for nearly two weeks. 

In California, on the day Cosasco received the news to temporarily close the facility, their Vice President of Operations, Anu Sangal, worked until the early hours to get as much product as possible to customers around the world before the doors had to close.

Ocean Insight’s Manager of the EMEA Customer Service Team, Maria Dullaert, is using her background in biomedical engineering and immunology to perform COVID-19 lab tests at a local hospital and volunteers with the Red Cross. 

Our companies are rising to the challenge of the global crisis thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of our people. By putting communities and customers first they are continuing to provide the life-saving products and services that are so vital at this time. We are proud of every single colleague for playing their part and living our purpose.