Sensitron srl is a family owned and run business based in Milan. They design and manufacture a range of gas safety detection devices that help to protect environmental and personal safety in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Sensitron also invests in product development for innovative environmental protection applications (refrigerant gas detection and hydrogen detection).


  • Complete system for fixed detection of flammable and toxic gases
  • Whole range of NDIR gas detectors for all new refrigerant gases
  • Fixed gas detectors and control units with SIL approvals


  • Oil and gas
  • Industrial
  • Parking
  • Refrigeration

Sensitron is the European leader and an international reference point in the production of explosive and toxic gas detectors, thanks to continuous technological development, increasingly reliable sensors, compliance with Europe’s stringent product standards and rigorous quality procedures. Backed by more than thirty years of experience and a highly-skilled workforce, Sensitron offers solutions for specific requirements, provides customers with pre and after-sales support and organises training seminars with a highly-technical content.

Sensitron operates within the Halma Environmental & Analysis sector.

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Sensitron’s product are SIL approved and ATEX & IEC certified by international notified bodies. Sensitron is an ISO 9001:2015-certified company.

Head Office location

Viale della Repubblica, 48
20007 Cornaredo (MI) – ITALY

Phone: +39 0293548155