Instruments for eye surgery

We make great products that people love.

At MST we believe in this philosophy. MST's passion is creating exceptional surgical devices and instruments used to restore or improve sight for patients all over the world. It is our relentless pursuit of addressing our customers’ needs that creates a profound customer preference. We strive to equip surgeons with the most innovative tools, enabling them to achieve the best possible outcomes for the patients. We constantly evolve to meet the distinct clinical needs of ophthalmic surgeons through our dedicated partnership with surgeon-designers, bringing innovation to ophthalmology.  Expanding our offerings into excisional goniotomy, we now market micro-instruments used for adult and infantile glaucoma, which improve the health and livelihood of patients by providing a safe and effective surgical intervention.


  • Malyugin Ring®.
  • Malyugin Ring® 2.0.
  • Trabectome®
  • TrabEx
  • TrabEx+
  • IOL cutters.
  • Phaco Tips.
  • Coaxial I/A.
  • Capsule Retractors.
  • Bimanual I/A.
  • Iris Hooks.
  • Single Use Instruments.

MST products meet the highest standards of quality and are designed to evoke confidence during surgery. We devote extraordinary attention to even the finest elements of our products—not only in function but also in the customer experience, the packaging, the look, and the feel.

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MST understands how important it is for its products to be precisely made. But reliable, well-made products are just one part of the company’s emphasis. MST places high importance on the entire ordering experience that begins when a customer picks up the phone.

MST prides itself on its educated staff. Every employee, no matter their position, takes anatomy training to be knowledgeable about the company’s products. MST sells its own products and all calls are handled by directly-employed sales staff at their Washington office. Surgeons learn how to use MST’s products alongside the company’s sales representatives.

Head Office location

MicroSurgical Technology, 8415 154th Ave. NE, Redmond, WA 98052 USA

Tel: +1 888 279 3323