Utility telemetry providers

HWM's purpose is to save natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions. This is achieved by providing digital connectivity for global utility networks. 

Markets include water, environmental and energy management and smart metering applications.

Network Monitoring

HWM is a leading manufacturer of utility network monitoring solutions developed to save customers water, energy, time and money. HWM provides both powered and non-powered telemetry services, allowing data to be collected from any part of a network. This digital infrastructure creates visibility of the network for the operators, establishing control.

Services include the design and manufacture of telemetry equipment, along with installation and data delivery expertise. HWM has over 30 years’ experience delivering services to the water, wastewater and gas sectors.

Products and services

  • Fixed and portable acoustic leak detection equipment.
  • Utility data logging devices.
  • Customer-side leak surveys.
  • Network pressure control solutions.
  • IoT connectivity.
  • Building performance monitoring technology.
  • Fully integrated, cloud-based data delivery.


  • Public and municipal utilities.
  • Clean water and wastewater.
  • Solar power and electric vehicle charging.
  • Building and facilities management.
  • Local council and government.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Sustainability and green facilities.
  • Plumbing and drainage.

HWM was formed when two Halma companies, Palmer Environmental and Radcom Technologies, were merged in 2010, combining years of experience of utility monitoring. HWM quickly became a major player in the industry and has grown steadily year on year.

Other parts of the business include ASL, a market leader in machine-to-machine communication and Invenio systems, who have substantial expertise in customer-side leakage and machine learning.

Company expertise in sensors, telecommunications, remote power and machine learning informs the design and production of HWM’s innovative products, delivering critical data to our customers.

HWM is based out of a dedicated design and manufacturing facility in Cwmbran, South Wales. Sister company FCS covers the US market from its base in Ohio, while multinational distribution partners ensure HWM’s products and services are available to customers worldwide. For our subsidiaries, ASL is based in Pitsford, Northampton and Invenio systems in Matlock, Derbyshire.

HWM operates within the Halma Environmental & Analysis Sector.

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HWM has a documented Quality Management System and Environmental Management System and is registered under ISO 27001.

Products are made to comply with applicable local and international standards including BS, EN, IP and ATEX. The company has also developed systems on an exclusive 153MHz radio frequency to avoid interference and offer the best possible operating ranges for its equipment.

The main production facility is in Cwmbran, with a modern factory operating in accordance with Lean manufacturing principles.

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Head Office location

HWM-Water Ltd., Ty Coch House, Llantarnam Park Way, Cwmbran, Gwent NP44 3AW, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1633 489 479
Email: sales@hwm-water.com

Tel: 1-800-531-5465
Email: sales@fluidconservation.com