Motion, presence and safety sensors

BEA is a leading manufacturer of sensing solutions for automatic doors systems. The company was founded in 1965 with its headquarters located in Liège, Belgium. BEA also has offices in the United States, Japan and China and our products can be found across the globe.

Driven by its 500 employees worldwide, BEA is a pioneer in the sensor industry while it was one of the first companies to launch a Doppler microwave radar specially adapted for automatic doors.

Products and services

  • Sensors for the opening of all types of automatic doors (IXIO, EAGLE).
  • Sensors for the protection and safety of people and objects: The Flatscan Range (Flatscan SW, W, S) and the LZR range in the industrial market ( LZR-I, LZR-H, LZR-S).
  • Sensors for counting people and vehicles: SIGMA.
  • Customisation of sensors.


Success within the pedestrian market and rapid advancements in technology has fuelled BEA’s growth into new markets and we now also offer a complete line of access control, safety and security solutions for industrial-, security- and transportation-based segments.

  • Pedestrian sensing solutions.
  • Industrial sensing solutions.
  • Vehicle sensing solutions.
  • Public transportation solutions.
  • People counting.
  • Security and access.

BEA designs and manufactures motion sensors, presence sensors and safety sensors for a wide range of applications. BEA constantly researches, develops and integrates the latest technologies into our products. The main technologies used in the company’s products are LASER (ToF), RADAR and infrared.

BEA operates within Halma’s Safety Sector.

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Head Office locations


BEA sa, Liège Science Parc, Allée des Noisetiers 5, B-4031 Angleur, Belgium
Tel: + (32) 4 361 65 65
Fax: + (32) 4 361 28 58

BEA Inc., 100 Enterprise Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15275, USA
Tel: + (1) 4 12 249-4100
Fax: + (1) 4 12 249-4101

Beijing (Asia-Pacific Regional Center) BEA Electronics Asia Co., Ltd. 4th, 5th Floor, M8 Building, No. 1 Jiuxianqiao East Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, P.R. China
Tel: + (86 10) 57 76 16 30
Fax: + (86 10) 62 62 87 75