How we grow

Halma has a highly sustainable financial model. We are focused on maintaining our companies' growth and returns over the longer term, while delivering performance in the shorter term.

We do this through a combination of acquisition, venture partnerships and organic growth.

What we do to grow

We are highly disciplined in sticking to our strategy of growing and acquiring businesses in global niches in markets with long term growth drivers.  

We invest for the future. We continually invest in our business and our people to make sure we maintain strong positions in these markets now and into the future.

We bet on talent. We insist on exceptional leaders who are empowered and accountable to set strategy and grow their own businesses.

How we do it

Our performance is underpinned by a unique set of organisational and cultural characteristics. We call this Halma’s DNA.

We believe this gives us a competitive advantage that creates the conditions for sustainable growth now and into the future.

Halma's DNA

Acquisitions and strategic partnerships

We want to partner with people and organisations who share our purpose.

We seek to acquire good businesses in markets with long term growth drivers and aligned to our purpose, and then invest in them and help them grow.

The Divisional Chief Executive who represents Halma in the deal process becomes the Chair of the newly acquired business. The strategic rationale and growth strategies are then jointly put into action as soon as the deal is closed.

We are careful to choose businesses who are niche specialists and who know their customers and their markets. Through our Growth Enablers we can then help them take their business to the next level. Whether that's through international expansion, finding the right talent, or through overcoming technological barriers.

Our acquisitions also benefit from immediate access to the Halma network, with over 40 global niche specialists ready to collaborate, share ideas and work together.

We have established hubs in the UK, USA, China and India that provide expertise, operational support and market knowledge. These hubs give companies the means to grow their business faster in these regions.

If you are a business in one of our end markets looking for your next period of growth, then Halma is the place to come.

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Our recent acquisition history


Navtech Radar acquisition

Navtech is a provider of innovative radar surveillance and safety solutions for use in highway monitoring, perimeter security and industrial applications. Find out why Navtech chose to join Halma.

What we bring to the table

Both new and existing companies are offered a set of centralised support functions that they can draw on to drive their growth. We call these our Growth Enablers.

Our Growth Enablers support our companies in delivering high rates of growth. They have a unique set of skills and expertise, guided by lean central teams.

Growth Enablers - M and A   M&A: we acquire and grow businesses sustainably over the long term in line with our strategy, and sell or merge businesses which are no longer aligned.

Growth Enablers - International Expansion   International Expansion: we assist our companies in growing their business in key export markets, including through our hubs in the USA, UK, India and China.

Growth Enablers - Talent Culture   Talent & Culture: we ensure Halma has world-class teams and high performance, inclusive cultures across our operating model.

Growth Enablers - Finance and Risk   Finance, Legal & Risk: we give our leaders the insight to make good decisions, through accurate, timely, and actionable financial data, legal advice and risk analysis.

Growth Enabler - Digital Growth Engines   Digital Growth Engines: we provide accelerator programmes to challenge our companies to discover new opportunities, and support them with the digital capabilities and technology to grow.

Growth Enablers - Innovation Network   Innovation Network: we connect our companies with each other and experts globally to help them learn faster, see new market trends and establish strategic partnerships.

Growth Enablers - Strategic Communications   Strategic Communications & Brand: we assist our companies in reaching all stakeholders who can help them to build their brand and develop market-leading positions.

We recognise that mindset matters

Halma people are passionate about innovation and collaboration.

We have a culture where ideas flourish, and our decentralised structure gives us the agility to get it done. We challenge ourselves to think differently and achieve our purpose.

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Why partner with us

  • Retain autonomy, identity, brand and culture.
  • Focus on international investment and growth.
  • Retain and develop talent and attract new talent.
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing with other Halma companies.
  • Strong financial support and access to subject matter experts from Halma.

M&A contacts for Safety sector

M&A contacts for Medical sector

M&A contacts for Environmental & Analysis sector

Looking for a strategic partnership?

We are flexible in our approach to partnering with others and we seek a variety of strategic partnerships including commercial agreements, minority investments and corporate venture capital.

As part of our broadening capability in this area we are looking for exciting ideas and teams to partner with and invest in. For more information please contact Jens Umehag - Innovation CFO.